Welcome to the blog!

Welcome to The Plant Supply Blog

Hello and welcome to The Plant Supply blog!

Jackie Maahs

November 9, 2021

6 min read


Hello and welcome to The Plant Supply blog! I am so glad you made it! My name is Jackie, and I am the co-owner of The Plant Supply along with my husband Jordan. 

Grow Happier

The Plant Supply began 2019 in Fargo, North Dakota. The dream was to create a place where anyone could find beautiful plants, handmade plant accessories, and a community that is focused on learning rather than plant perfection. Plant ownership (or parenthood as I commonly call it) can be an awesome opportunity to learn about not only plants, but yourself as well. That’s why we focus on “growing happier” through plant care.

Follow Along

We have had such a blast growing over these past few years and getting to meet so many fellow plant lovers (and learners) in the process. Now I am excited to launch this blog as a place to share my plant tips, tricks, successes and woes. The blog will host information about plant care, styling, our business, and other awesome planty things! So be sure to follow along here, and if you haven’t joined The Plant Supply community on Instagram be sure to check that out too (instagram.com/theplant.supply)!

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Jackie Maahs

Jackie is the Co - Founder of The Plant Supply. She really loves plants.