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You should love where you live.

Many people don't love the way their home or office look. Plants are a great remedy, but often come in ugly, expensive pots, without clear instructions to keep them alive.

That's why The Plant Supply delivers modern planters and plants hangers, plus easy to care for plants that look great and help add life to your home and office.

Choose your products, improve your space, and Grow Happier.™
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Jordan + Jackie

We love being plant parents.

Years of plant collecting, growing, and decorating has helped us hone our skills in plant design and care.  We're excited that we get to share our knowledge so you can design your own happier space!

All of our products are handmade in Moorhead, MN and every order we get makes us smile. But our biggest wish is that we might get to play a small part in helping you grow your own happiness everyday.

Thank you! 

Your friends,

Jordan and Jackie Maahs

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